Through words


Read, Write, Design, Explore, Search,

Tell, Speak, Question, Share, Dare, Dance.

    Because we must express. 


This is here to stimulate the heart, 

expand the mind,

and connect them to each other. 

Because we love to travel through words,

explore more concepts

taste more flavors,

think the undoable,

do the unthinkable. 


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So much Rumbling.

And then what?

Where is the juice?

The palpable heart beat

The beauty of the breath

The finesse of the spirit

The richness of the temple

The stillness of the experience

The chaos of meditation

The non-sense of logic

The taste of the Divine

The bright co...

I’ll take the mystical experience please,

Fully loaded with shamanic drumming,

Woodo mama rituals,

Boundless visualizations,

Ecstatic transcendence

And perpetuos death.

Be generous with the tears, I love them,

And don’t be shy with the dancing,

The sweating,

The shaking

and the...

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December 13, 2017

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