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The Integrative way

about this retreat

Inspired by the interconnection between our inner and outer worlds, this unique retreat offers an overview of different regenerative practices. By looking at the full picture of life, we are able to expose ourselves to a deep understanding of interconnectivity. 

The Integrative way expands our presence into the world and gives us the key on how to be in a healthy relationship with our selves and our surroundings. By looking at the world through a multi-layered lens, Gloria guides people through a beautiful unfolding. 

With a focus on yoga and a yogic lifestyle, this retreat opens the door on how to integrate other aspects of life into a full healthy way of life. 

To truly feel whole we need to consider the many parts of our lives with which we interact with and make us who we are. Our food, the way we eat, our spaces, the way we interact with our home, our relationship with nature, the cycles of the moon and seasons... our lives are part of a huge organism. 

This retreat will unveil the subtle yet powerful relationship that each of these aspects of life have with one another. 


the parts of integration

Starting with daily morning yoga, each day we will explore a new layer of ourselves and our surroundings. Through different philosophies and practices, we will learn how to create resonance with the outside world. 

The Integral way explores the wholistic lifestyle philosophy by using a visionary map of consciousness to illustrate how our biological body is directly affected by our relationship with the many other layers that we interact with.


The map involves: 

- Yoga Anatomy

- The Chakra system

- Ayurveda

- Wholistic Nutrition

- Feng Shui

- Permaculture 

- Astrology

~ Daily Schedule sample ~

7:00 - 8:30.........Yoga


10:00 -12:00......Free time/Jungle walk/Integration session (each day will vary)



~ After lunch rest ~ 


3:00 - 6:00..............Yoga/movement/Integration session



~ Evenings will vary with: Free evening / sharing circle / fire ceremony / sound healing / cacao ceremony~ 


Sattva Land - a healing sanctuary

One of the most amazing parts of this retreat is where is held. Sattva Land is a unique retreat center nestled in the Jungle of Belize. Gloria and her family created this sanctuary from scratch and it is now a spiritual hub for many people all around the world. Being immersed in nature and living off-the-grid is completely transformational, and this land is the perfect place to experience the integrative essence of this retreat. To know more about Sattva Land visit: 

Your Guide

Gloria is a yoga and meditation teacher known for her passionate heart and infectious vitality. She is the visionary behind Sattva Land and the co-founder of Wild Feminine, a transformative and healing process for re-wilding women. 

Her eye for beauty goes well beyond the surface of our human body. Her work as a visual artist shows her broad understanding of interconnective dynamics and it is the basis for her work as a guide and healer. 


Gloria is also a certified feng shui practitioner and is currently enrolled in the 5Rhythms® Teacher Training, a moving meditation created by Gabrielle Roth. Gloria's love for dance led her to the world of somatic alignment, which is a major part of her approach to healing. Her intimate relationship with nature fuels her heart and soul to want to share the ecstatic way of life with who comes across her path.

Accommodation and Prices: