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Inspired by the sequential patterns that permeate nature, Gloria’s Art integrates sacred geometry, ancient symbolism, architecture, systems of ecological, psychological and spiritual studies in intricate unified designs.


Reflective of the integrated nature of life, her work brings an edifying perspective to the very basis for environmental consciousness as society works to find the balance.

“The portal opens an access point for an experience in consciousness.” It mirrors the experience of the artist as she draws from a place of sonic resonance with the elements of nature, including the hydrological system that constitutes the connective tissue of the earth body.

"Our Global purpose is to re-merge with the Whole" - Gloria Glo

A blueprint of interconnectivity, this art is an invitation to experience the interrelationship that holds the fabric to what connects us to all that is sacred:

life, temple, ecstasy, the full spectrum of the mandala. 

Glo offers an iris through which one can catch a glimpse of the totality. 

Screen Shot 2018-12-01 at 18.01.16.png

Our collective connection to the land –

conscious awareness of the integrated nature of things – is critical to environmental stewardship.

It’s all happening in the field of consciousness.

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