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My art is an interpretation of the never-ending flow of life and the deep interconnection of infinite parts that are bonded in the experience of being in this organism. Through my art comes my attempt to offer a feeling of belonging, of seeing the whole picture and the conviviality that we humans have within the plant world, the animal world, as well as the subtle metaphysical reality that binds it all into one experience.


I create this art to heal the wounds of a reality that has been segregated from nature and to restore the organic relationship we hold within the ecosystem of this earth-body. In reverence to the plant and animal world, I draw interconnected landscapes to offer a feeling of what it means to be part of the intricate mandala of life itself.


I see life, energy, breath, stories, adventures, movements… always connecting to the next, flowing into the next embodiment of the ripple, the word, the look; the imagination doesn’t stop, it moves, it grows... it generates perpetual life.

I draw because it brings me back to each moment.  It keeps me present.

I enter a space in which I can feel everything, with no limitations.  It’s like being awake in a dream.

I draw landscapes that I see in my mind's eye and experiences that I feel in my heart.

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Gloria lives seasonally between the majestic jungle of Belize (where she co-founded Sattva Land, a Wholistic Retreat Center for eco-conscious immersions) and the beauty of Vancouver, BC. 


Originally from Italy, her art reflects the fine details of an ancestral lineage of artisans. 


Attracted to patterns and the simplicity of one-tone designs, she adopted graphic pen and pencil as her favorite medium to express her intricate visionary works.


Inspired by the sequential patterns that permeate nature and her infinite Divine expressions, Gloria offers her artwork of Sacred Portals in the form of elaborate Mandalas and Sacred Geometry patterns. 



  • geometry

  • sacred symbolism

  • patterns

  • maps

  • systems of ecological, cultural, psychological and spiritual studies.



to find small prints, large fine art reproductions

and the beautiful “Healing Cards”

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 Art Gallery 


Past exhibitions & showings:

  • Beloved Festival - Oregon 2018

  • Bioneers Conference - California 2018

  • "Unveiled" solo exhibition - Vancouver 2018

  • Sonic Bloom Festival - Colorado 2019

  • Porangui "Beauty Way Tour" exhibition - Vancouver 2023


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