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Hey, I'm


A non-conformist Soul, in devotion to Love and Beauty for this beautiful Earth.


work takes different forms; Visionary Art, Embodiment practices, feminine reclamation, and women's reproductive wellness.

The essence of what I teach through my different lenses remains ONE: We are all part of a majestic and intricate tapestry, and Love is what connects us all. 

My work is supported and inspired by ancient eastern philosophies such as Tantra, Yoga, Ayurveda and Chinese Philosophy, as well as modern and New age sciences such as Quantum Physics, 5Rhythms® Movement Meditation, and FEMM Fertility Education. 

I am the co-founder of a beautiful Retreat Center in the middle of the jungle of Belize (


I've exhibited my Visionary Art at the most progressive conscious gatherings such as Beloved Festival and Bioneers and hosted International transformational Retreats since 2016.

My story

Since I can remember, I have been fascinated with the Feminine and the woman’s body.

I would skip “Sunday school” (yes, I was brought up catholic) to go into the forest, lay down on the green fields and feel the earth under my skin… it always gave me a sense of connection and belonging… 


“We all embody the potential to be Wholefully healthy, connected to our Truth, clear in our Purpose, embracing our Desires, and living with Pleasure. What we must do, is get out of our own way, and let Love come through us” 


Unfortunately, the world around me and my society placed a big taboo on being sensual, and following the path of pleasure was not tolerated. 

I've tried to fit in a few industries, such a hospitality, banking and administration assistant...

In reality, I was burning inside.

Lunar Chart..png
Lunar Chart..png

I was born in Naples, Italy, and started my early life on the island of Capri, which shaped my love for beauty.


Growing up I have always felt a deep attraction to my pleasure points, and have always been fascinated in exploring my body… I felt something Divine in going into such intimacy with myself. 

And so I left everything, and embarked on a journey that is still unfolding and expanding Every. Day. 


Now, as a Mother, the sharing of what I have learned not only remains my passion,  but it has also become a sense of duty.  

The essence of my work is simple...
I invite people to Open,

and be led by the


Join me and hundreds of like-hearted others in my network who are walking the path of Love. 


I can’t wait to meet you...

With Love and Devotion




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