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Mandalas are universal symbols of cosmic and spiritual wholeness. Throughout eastern and western cultures, Mandalas are found in forms of Healing Artwork, Space Design, Performing Arts sculpture and of course, in the infinite patterns of Nature itself.


The Art of drawing mandalas and sacred geometry patterns is a space and time in which I find peace. The focus attention needed to be bringing these patterns through brings me into a state of trance, through which I enter an intimate place of being completely captured by the simplicity of presence.  


I find drawing a healing practice and I am passionate about sharing this with others.

Mandalas have been adopted by many different philosophical, psychological and psycho-spiritual approaches as a representation of consciousness, both cosmic and individual.

I have always been drawn to the soul of the Artisans. Creating with our hands can be e deep spiritual experience as well as grounding, in the body. This is where my passions of embodiment and art-making come together, and expressed through my Creative process. 

I set the Sacred Space, I cleanse the studio, lit some incense, and arrive. 

Music guides the process and once again, Rhythms and patterns become one thing. 

As much as my Art lives in symbiosis process with my dance, the Art is also inspired by poetry, playing music, chanting, meditations, food, gardening, and theater. 

My studio is my sanctuary.When I I am on the road, I like to draw and create in Cafes, libraries, and Parks. Drawing mandalas and sacred patterns as I am traveling brings a sense of home everywhere I am. For the patterns bring a sense of wholesome feeling of just being present, and channeling. 

The journey through sacred Portals was initiated in the Jungle, where I live. As I continue to surrender to this calling, I engage in creating different expression of them through the different times of my life. My bigger pieces are created when I am at home in a period of a month or so. My cards and smaller pieces are created when I am on the road. 

Through my Art, I wish to offer healing and beauty as well as an invitation to bring the mind and thoughts to an exploration of interconnected patterns from which we can re-connect to an awakening sense Presence. And of course, it all comes from the most exhilarating, complexed, simple, beautiful, intense, non-linear glue that keeps us all united in this experience,

I offer commission art pieces as well as tattoo designs.

Contact me for more info. 

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