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Fully Liberate into 


Awakened is an 8 month intimate and personal container through which we embark on a deep healing journey together. In this program we dive deep into your relationship with the feminine, and all things woman.  


  • Become confident in tracking your unique cycle

  • Learn to identify signs of hormonal imbalance

  • Be empowered with in-depth knowledge about your body

  • Gain the ability to use this method as a Natural Birth Control

  • Transform the relationship to your Cycle

  • Expand your awareness on how to live a more cyclically balanced life

  • Learn ancient practices that will heal deep sexual trauma

  • Awaken your sexual energy in a grounded, heart-centred way

  • Become fully embodied in your womanhood

  • Transform the relationship to your sensuality & sexuality 

  • Find clarity in and re-align to your Soul Purpose 

The path of re-awakening the feminine is not easy, nor short.  It is a beautiful yet cathartic process in which we dismantle limited beliefs, shed layers of doubt and rebirth ourselves anew.

My invitation is to give you the space and time to allow yourself to go back home, to the truth of your own expression as a woman.

As an activist and channel of the divine feminine, my work is to liberate HER to be fully expressed through YOU.

My approach is multi-dimensional,

my scope is integrative.



The Reproductive System

Our first session will cover Anatomy, Hormones and all you need to know about the structure of your Cycle.


Tracking with FEMM Part II

A deeper dive into FEMM and how to confidentially use this method as Natural Birth Control. 


Meet your YONI

In this session I will teach you the Sexual Anatomy of your Yoni, and introduce you to Ancient Taoism. 


Yoni, Love & Beyond

We connect to the heart, and find the relationship between Sex & Love. 


Tracking with FEMM Part I

We will dive into the different phases of the cycle and I will teach you how to read the signs of your body.


Cycle Energetics

We enter the realm of energetics and learn how to relate to your Inner Seasons. 


Healing Sexual Trauma

We explore how to work with sexual trauma and how to enter a healing space to reclaim pleasure and joy.



This final session is where we bring it all together and review how to integrate and embody the new You into your life. 


Grainy Surface



  • 8 Private Online Educational Sessions 

  • Complete, in-depth Cycle Awareness & FEMM education covering Anatomy, Hormonal Function and how to read your body's vital signs

  • Live Practices with complete PDFs and voice recordings for you to keep practicing, yours forever

  • Yoni de-armering initiation, Jade egg & Breast Massage practices

  • Women focused Taoist practices 

  • Full-time text and voice support throughout the full length of the program

  • Bonus education such as herbal & diet guidance to balance your hormones

Duration: 8 sessions of 90mins each, once a month for 8 months. By-weekly check-ins and full text support through the whole time we are working together. 

Payment Plans available on Request. 

In our 15min call together you can ask me any questions you have in regards of this program, and get confident that this program is for you. I look forward to connecting! 



Sensually Embodied
Open to Love
Sexually Awakened



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