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Gloria lives seasonally between the majestic jungle of Belize (where she co-founded Sattva Land, a Wholistic Retreat Center for eco-conscious immersions) and the beauty of Vancouver, BC. 


Originally from Italy, her art reflects the fine details of an ancestral lineage of artisans. 


Attracted to patterns and the simplicity of one-tone designs, she adopted graphic pen and pencil as her favorite medium to express her intricate visionary works. 

Inspired by the sequential patterns that permeate nature and her infinite Divine expressions, Gloria offers her artwork of Sacred Portals in the form of elaborate Mandalas and Sacred Geometry patterns. 

Reflective of the integrated nature of life, her work brings an edifying perspective to the very basis of environmental consciousness as society works to find the balance.


The portal opens an access point for an experience in consciousness.




  • geometry

  • sacred symbolism

  • patterns

  • maps

  • systems of ecological, cultural, psychological and spiritual studies.




Her work as an artist, dancer, facilitator, activist, and visionary perfectly exhibits the wholeness of who she is -

wild yet particular, sharp yet subtle.



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