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These times are asking for tremendous focus

We are needed in the task of re-thinking and re-building structures for human life that honour all beings and halt the destruction of our sacred earth.  Ancestral grief is surfacing to be felt and released and we are blessed with the honour of doing this sacred work. These times call for our circling, both collectively and within ourselves, to employ the many tools and medicines that have presented themselves for our collective healing.  


Integration is the foundation of my work


My Offerings are here to guide you through a variety of practices that, with love and devotion, will enhance beauty in your life….from the inside out:


Women's Empowerment Work:  Through movement, meditation, art, sacred design, ritual and wholistic philosophies  I invite you to join in on the journey towards the full embodiment of YOU as an individual, and US as a collective sisterhood.  Our voices and strength are deeply needed in this time of evolution and of re-envisioning a more just and beautiful world. I offer women-only retreats and guidance to empower and strengthen our presence and purpose. For more information on upcoming retreats visit my Events page, and for more information about one on one healing and personal guidance contanct me directly. 


Sacred Art:  Art is my meditation. It is what I am called to create when I find myself in deep presence. I am called to share my art to awaken the regenerative, cyclical patterns within ourselves as well as a way to express the mimicry of thoughtful design in our surroundings. Check out my Art Gallery


Dance / Movement:  My continuous training in 5Rhythms® and Yoga is always teaching me that our processes need to be stretched, danced, shaken, and felt in our bodies in order to move and transform. Thought alone is not enough to move us to the next level of freedom. I integrate these practices in philosophies in my retreats and in one on one guidance on personal retreats.   


Permaculture Philosophy:  Nature is our greatest muse.  Permaculture has given me a critical perspective for how to harmonize with the natural world.  It has gifted me with the ability to look at the bigger picture and design ways to design a system that can thrive out of the unique ecological and social relationships that comprise it. I've founded and co-created Sattva Land with my family; a Wholistic Retreat Center in the jungle on Belize where I now live most of the year and offer one-on-one teachings and continue to design and garden. 


Feng Shui:  The physical spaces that we inhabit are extensions of our bodies.  Just as we set practices in motion to keep energy flowing in a free and healthy way in our own systems , the spaces that we live our lives in also need to be designed and tended with equal awareness and care.  ‘Feng Shui’, literally meaning ‘Wind-Water’, is a traditional Chinese philosophical approach towards spacial design that offers huge implications towards enhancing flow in and amidst our lives so that we can thrive and flourish in the harmony that it creates. 


So this is me, with all my passions and my purpose in this world. I invite you to come join me in one of my retreats, workshops and come to the jungle of Belize and spend a healing and transformative week. 

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