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Another medium I like to work with is Wood. I come from a family of carpenters and I have always been around the art of creating through wood. 


My passion for artisanal crafts and the magical world of mystics and esoterism binds together in the creation of the Healing Wands. 


Wands are not only beautiful ornamentals for shrines and sacred spaces, but they are also powerful conduits for energy. The Wand is a healing tool, intentionally used in meditations and rituals for thousands of years. 

I love seeing each Wand come to life. The unveiling of the Wand in front of my eyes is a beautiful experience. Each one has its own personality, resonance, message and healing presence. 


All wood comes from scrap pieces of material from the woodshop at Sattva Land, my home, and sanctuary in the rainforest of Belize. 

We are blessed with majestic and prestigious woods... including Mahogany, Ironwood, Purple Heart, Tiger wood and Billy Web.


I then collect the stones from different sustainable sources around the US and Canada, mostly customized for each Wand with a specific intention. 

If you are called to adopt a Healing Wand for yourself or are looking for a gift, I invite you to check out what I have on my online store at the moment.



I also work one on one with people and love to make custom creations, based on each individual's healing path. Contact me for a personalized Healing Wand and I'll be thrilled to create the right magic for you. 


In Gratitude. 

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