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In-person. Vancouver, BC


Sunday, June 9th // Sunday, June 16th // Sunday, June 23rd // Sunday, June 30th 

5:30 PM - 7:30 PM


Casa Copal 

2291 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6K 2E4


Body literacy, menstrual cycle attunment, and a deep connection to your sexuality are what this mini-course is all about.


Merging the science and the sacred reals of the Womb, this immersion is designed to give a full spectrum overview of our body and energy as womb carriers.

the science

Learn about your cycle anatomy, how to read the messages of your body and practices specifically designed for each phase. You will be exposed to the powerful world of Pleasure, discover your pleasure anatomy, and ancient practices to heal, connect, and expand.


the sacred

Discover the sacred practices of Tantra, specifically designed for womb healing and awakening the Feminine. Be part of a grounded and sacred circle of sisters and journey through the mysteries and divine essence of your sexual energy.  

As womb carriers, learning about our bodies, expanding awareness of our cyclical nature, and opening to our capacity for pleasure, are part of our Evolution as well as the collective Revolution of the rising of the Feminine. 

If you are looking to gather with a group of women, create sisterhood, talk, learn, and share about all-things-women… this mini-course is for you. 


If you are curious about womb healing, what it is, what it looks like and the practices we do, this course is for you. 

Coming together with a like-hearted group of women for 4 Sundays in a row and journeying through the most intimate parts of yourself in a safe, loving, and healing environment is a unique opportunity to transform and open to a deeper capacity to

Embody the Feminine essence that you ARE. 


  • Become literate about your menstrual cycle anatomy and how to best navigate your unique cycle

  • Learn to Identify the energetic essence of each phase of your cycle

  • Discover best practices for hormonal health

  • Learn about womb healing practices 

  • Learn Yin balancing practices

  • Re-define your connection to your Yoni

  • Acquire knowledge and confidence on how to connect, heal, and expand your pleasure

  • Learn Tao Tantric practices specifically designed for women

  • Create sisterhood with other like-hearted women

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This 4-week journey is designed to create connection with a group of women who are feeling the call to deepen their knowledge and awareness of the magik realms of the Womb. 


In each class, there will be time to share and connect, as well as teachings in Cycle Awareness and Tao Tantra. Through the sessions, we will engage in a variety of practices including Yin Yoga, Taoist practices, and Tantric practices for women & Dance. 

You will receive booklets (yours forever!) with information about the material we will cover during the classes, so you can continue to review, revisit, practice, and expand on this beautiful journey. 


No experience is necessary. The practices shared in this course are appropriately designed for all levels, including seasoned practitioners as well as beginners. 


Gloria is a radical guide of the Feminine arts. Her own womb experiences as a woman and a Mother have led her to study the mysteries of female anatomy, womb energetics and dive into the world of the Feminine arts. She is a certified FEMM Educator, specializes in Cycle Awareness, and has studied and practiced Tantra for over a decade. Her warm and unique style fuses the science of anatomy with the sacred of energetics, making her teachings holistic and deeply comprehensive.


Her passion is her spice, making her classes a fun, engaging, and loving way to learn, connect, and feel safe through the wild rides of her transformative work. 


$180 Full Tuition

$150 Early-bird (Ending May 17th) 




“Gloria has such a warm and open presence that can truly be felt in her offerings. Her classes were a regular anker for me to connect to myself and my body and find community with amazing women. I could always come however I felt that day. The dance rituals were a transformative and often liberating experience. They are sweat, laughter, tears, connection, and everything else that life can be. Thank you so much Gloria for your amazing work.”  - Melanie

Gloria’s Classes transport you to another world! Each month I have been so grateful to attend these circles that allow me to release my raw emotions through different practices and connections to sisterhood. Gloria provides a safe, exciting, and cathartic space every time. I never want to miss one, I feel like they have become an essential part of my monthly cycle. I can’t wait for them to start again! - Rea

I really enjoyed that you brought such simple but powerful practices for self-discovery, connection, and freedom. You hold space with ease and grace, making everyone feel comfortable and drop into what they need - Tamara

There is something special about the circles created and held by Gloria, it feels safe to dive deep. While you are diving deep, she is there with you, holds you with her presence, guides you with her facilitation, and moves with you. Her authentic dance expressions have been a source of inspiration for many years now! - Hassti

"I look forward to meeting you and diving into all the amazing Feminine wisdom with you!"

Questions? Contact Gloria directly at

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