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Polyamorous Regeneration

This whole thought process just came through me as I was stretching my body for 2 hours after I received an email that made me feel some ' toxic' turbulence*.

*Turbulence = in fluid dynamics, turbulence or turbulent flow is a flow regime characterized by chaotic property changes. This includes low momentum diffusion, high momentum convection, and rapid variation of pressure and flow velocity in space and time.

I find that living off the grid in the middle of the Jungle really has a vast amount of advantages. One of these advantages is that, in my experience, I don’t feel much 'toxic' turbulence.

Yes, weirdly enough, I feel blissed out on a very regular basis and I am surrounded by a great balanced ecosystem that simply and gracefully reflects into my own state of being.

With that in consideration, and this dark turbulence in my flow, I found myself at the Yoga Shala pondering upon what was really happening. Time is quite non linear here… I don’t have to do anything at any specific time… which opens up the freedom of embodying my needs right at the moment when they are happening… it’s still something very new and transformational to be feeling this privilege of time. Allowance and freedom of time for ourselves is not really possible in our modern day society … "I’m just too busy to do that " is the most common approach to deep self analysis.

Anyways, I’m at the Shala. Stretching, digging and observing the patterns.

The message causing my turbulence came from my lover.

New Lover… things are fresh and exquisite. The first tastings of each other’s sweetness… It’s wonderful.

The message, not so much.

He is travelling and kindly informed me that he will be spending the next week with his other lover.

Awe… that’s so nice.

Alright, lets jump into the topic of what this articles is really about.

Polyamory. Open relationships. The sweet art of open love.

I am aware there are a lot of layers and interpretations but lets keep it simple, you know what I’m talking about.

Poly = several , Amory (Amor) = Love/Lover

I want to share something I found on the internet a while ago.

“Polyamory is about unflinching honesty about desires as well as clear communication of our needs. Emotions and desires can be like never ending and undulating waves, often ebbing and flowing in life. To learn from ones past is to embrace and work towards full acceptance. If you can truly see your lover as yourself (inlakesh) than you will never anguish at their sharing time with someone other than yourself.”

I Agree, and in this blog I want to point out the dark side of things… The truth is, it ain’t all pretty.

Ok, lets just start with saying something we should all be aware of by now.

One simple fact that comes with being human: we suffer.

That is an undeniable fact of existence from which we cannot escape… not until we transcend our own physical body.

Personally, I accept this.

If you don’t, well, please come over and teach me how wonderfully peculiar it would be to not feel any suffering, ever.

Anyways, with that said, If you ever PASSIONATELY love somebody, well, it’s a unique quasi-sickening feeling of ecstasy. An exhilarating state of being caused by perfect union… words about love can be quite irrelevant, if you felt it, you know.

In the moment the person we love tells us “im going to be with my other lover” instantaneously our mind jumps to a reaction caused by the information that just entered our awareness. Our exteroceptors pick up the information and our interoceptors merge it into our being for interpretation sparking a reaction from whichever state of consciousness we are in at that moment.