Through words


Read, Write, Design, Explore, Search,

Tell, Speak, Question, Share, Dare, Dance.

    Because we must express. 


This is here to stimulate the heart, 

expand the mind,

and connect them to each other. 

Because we love to travel through words,

explore more concepts

taste more flavors,

think the undoable,

do the unthinkable. 


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Each moment we decide

Between blindness and sight

Exposure to shadows

Gives brightness to Light




The Body-mind-Soul

Endless revelations

Doubts come to challenge

The soul to elevate

The answer is Faith

In union we seek to taste

The fruits in its ripeness

They say t...

Taming the Wild has been, for some reason or another, a true human practice for thousands of years... isn't that weird? 

Through severe inner disconnection we created within our own selves, we contributed to the manifestation of a devastating dysfunctional reality.


Flipping a coin… that moment in which we are willing to give it all to chance… but are we really?

There’s a perpetual stirring inside ourselves that stirs and stirs and shifts and move us constantly.

It moves our feelings, our ideas, our actions, our relationships… our w...

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December 13, 2017

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