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So much Rumbling.

And then what?

Where is the juice?

The palpable heart beat

The beauty of the breath

The finesse of the spirit

The richness of the temple

The stillness of the experience

The chaos of meditation

The non-sense of logic

The taste of the Divine

The bright colors of nothingness

The Now and the Forever.

Missing corners.

Over extensions.

Hyper reactions.

Where is the fire of darkness?

The tangles of connectedness?

The box of freedom

The key of reason

The entrance to the lands of tomorrow

and the future yesterdays.

Antennas are tuning in.

Mothers are giving birth to their own selves

Eating the placenta with silverware

Dressed in leather

Skin of murdered innocence

Sucking milk through petrified arteries

Recycling tears and sweat and garbage

Allowing death.

Falling from below

Landing above the clear skies, silver lining and honeycombs

Watching the world through the holes of a pierced sacred tapestry.




Loving the sweet nostalgia of a time and space

In which love and hate have been confused for this and that.

Short and Sweet