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The Ritual of creating a Website

Let’s be real, creating a website in a spiritual process.

Not only that, but I would also add that is a deeply psychological and self-analytical process.

If you ever went through it, you know.

I decided to celebrate my website launch with an article that talks exactly about this.

The Ritual of creating a Website.

Entering the Inter-webs with your persona.

Infusing the web-streams with your essence.

I find this to be a very powerful tool of activism, for anyone who has a specific mission and purpose in this current state of affairs.

In my personal journey of transmutation, arriving at the decision of making a website came from surrender and acceptance.

I have been living off the grid for 3 years now, in the middle of the Jungle of Belize.

Beautiful, simple life… Moments of Bliss are countless and in these states of Bliss, I receive information, most of which is about interconnection.

It is very clear by now, how patterns of many different webs simulate the same design, and amongst these designs, information travels.

Although information travels through many different bodies of webs, we have the possibility to consciously enter certain networks.

This could be anything from entering a web of friends, a category of thought and a line of work for example.

As we grow and step into our bigger purpose in this lifetime, we can be more intentional with our choices and connections.

We can choose to connect to certain people that know will nurture us rather than entering relationships with someone who could be very toxic for us, although sometimes is just what we want.

So this intentional presence in deciding what to “plug into”, gives us the possibility of ontologically design our life. Amazing.