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The Secret message of Coin Tossing

Flipping a coin… that moment in which we are willing to give it all to chance… but are we really?

There’s a perpetual stirring inside ourselves that stirs and stirs and shifts and move us constantly.

It moves our feelings, our ideas, our actions, our relationships… our whole entire experience.

This stirring feeling wants us to be fully ALIVE at all times, it wants to be heard and honored for what it has to offer us…. Which is the ability and willingness to fully feel our truth, and to be moved by it.

Life takes a whole different turn when we allow ourselves to follow our TRUTH.

Unfortunately, a lot of times, our social, cultural and psychological conditioning brings us to a state of fear when we are faced with what truly lives inside our core desires and wants… which a lot of time violates the social and cultural standards in which we are expected to live by.

I say " GOODBYE STANDARDS!", it’s time to flip things around and follow the truth of our GUTS.

When we toss a coin, we allow our choices to be made by something else other then ourselves.

We give the two option to chance, and like a cake whip flipping through the air,

the coin stirs genetic memory stored in infinite particles of quanta, and in a speck of a moment, everything changes.

The coin has flipped.

The shift has happened.

The choice is made.

And more than ever, the choice is FELT.

If you ever flipped a coin for a big decision in your life, you know what I’m talking about...

Choices like “which country should I go to? India or Brazil?” ,

“which direction do I take, south or west?”

I don’t want to devalue the small choices of life which surely effect us as much, but the feeling in our tummy when we flip the coin for a big choice, it is surely different than flipping a coin to decide on the color of which shirt we are going to wear for dinner.

Now, the ritual of coin tossing can be quite triggering because, “somehow”, it can give

“the wrong answer”. … and this is when the coin lands on our least favorite side.

This is the moment that fascinates me.

This is when the art of coin tossing really reveals its magic.

This is when tossing a coin can unveil what truly lives inside our guts.

It is a delicate practice to truly give it all to chance… to completely surrender to the hands of faith, destiny… or however you like to call it.

It also very rare to in be in such open waters, and ready to make your way to some kind of land… doesn’t matter which one.

When there is nothing to hold on to, nothing to deviate us from chance, this is when we can fully surrender to what the flip will bring.

How can we have a preference between two things we have never tasted before?

Choice is a full engagement. It’s Love in action.

When we allow for those flips to move us, to shift us, to choose for us...we surrender.

We get out of our way, and we trust.

If the flip is not what you wanted, your guts will tell you.

The coin toss still worked its magic; it still showed you what you really wanted.

Now... If what you REALLY wanted is facing down…what do you do?


Turn the coin around and face it.

The secret message of the Coin Toss is what your true desire is.



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