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Embracing the Wild within

Taming the Wild has been, for some reason or another, a true human practice for thousands of years... isn't that weird?

Through severe inner disconnection we created within our own selves, we contributed to the manifestation of a devastating dysfunctional reality.

Since the beginning of hierarchical social structures and any ideology that divides social bodies in vertical "virtue values," we instigated the catastrophic egocentric war of supremacy and gave rise to a self-destructive specie.

Competition between individuals is still causing marginalization, self-conflict, suppression, fear of exposure and inner confusion of who we are.

In other words, we have been fighting with our own selves for decades trying to decipher who we should be in the eyes of others instead of being who we organically are.

Who are these others we are trying to fit the part for?

And Who are we organically?

Philosophers, scientists, artists and prophets have been trying to understand “who we are” since the beginning of time. Yet, by looking at the same question through a natural / organic association, we are allowed to contain the wild mind and analyze this with more tangibility.

Fundamentally, we are part of Nature.

Organically, Nature is Wild.

Wild means untamed, not domesticated or cultivated.

Wild is the freedom of form without restraint,

the uncontrolled essence present in all living beings.

Wild is the natural state of any organism in which restriction has not been placed upon. It is simply “what is,” uninhabited territories.

As part of Nature, every human enters this existence in a state of wildness.

When we are born, there is a time where we are free from all cultural associations, religious beliefs and political structures.

We have been denying the many different shades and qualities of our potentials and instead fixating ourselves on the success of only one aspect of our being in order to shine within our mono-focused society.

By pushing aside all the different personas that we organically embody as bilateral beings, we have been suppressing our wild multi-characteristic nature.

We have been taught to think that we should be "one thing" and whatever that one thing is, should follow the standard checkpoints of what it claims itself to be.

We have been taught to think that we should perfect only one aspect of ourselves in order to create a vertical virtue value structure within the layers of our own personalities.

Doesn’t this sound like imposed inner capitalism?

This need of rationalizing has been present since the rising of agriculture practices where the integration of systematic ways of growing food have caused an anthropocentric control over the Wildness of Nature.

Before agriculture practices, nature was left untamed.

I find it hard to fully show up as the most authentic, raw self that I could be at all times.

I still struggle to stand up for myself in situations in which I know I am being tamed and discouraged to be wild...

Yet, it is now or never.

The Earth is roaring back more and more everyday from the unconscious suppression we have placed upon her for decades, and to be honest, I feel the same.

I feel tsunamis crashing into my inner psyche when I come to think that "I'm not good enough."

Acres and acres of my inner landscapes are on fire for all the suppression I have felt as woman on this planet.

Hurricanes are destroying stagnant belief systems that do not serve me anymore.

This symbiotic resonance is a clear message on how much

we are ONE with the wild nature of Earth itself. There is no need to feel sorry for any raging feeling that we experience right now in the history of our species.

If you're feeling angry, anxious and confused more than ever... please don't think that there is something wrong with you... yes, these feelings are subjective from our own individual stories and experiences, yet now more than ever, we're all sinking into a more planetary activism to reclaim the Wild... for ourselves and for this beautiful planet.

You're feeling it, I'm feeling it. We're all in it together.

Let's reclaim our right to be Wild.

That is the Way of the Wild.

Bless our journey,




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