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Reclaiming Menstruation

Dear Sister,

What do you feel when you think of your menstruation? What emotions do come up? What’s your connection to your monthly cycle?

Unfortunately, for many of us, the answers to these questions go something like this:

“When I think about my menstruation… well, I actually don’t think about it much, it kinda just happens, and I don’t look forward to the painful cramps and lower backache. I feel a sense of disconnection, as well as a feeling of secrecy. My connection to my monthly cycle? Argh… here it is again.”

A huge majority of us (more than 85%!) have not been taught anything about our period in school... and this includes our mothers, and grandmothers.

Because of the huge label of taboo that our patriarchal society has placed on menstruation -

not only have we been kept ignorant about one of the most powerful and sacred functions of our body, but we have been disconnected from our deepest source of power as women.

Can you believe that until the early 19th century doctors didn’t realize that periods were even linked to ovulation?

Our menstrual blood has suffered a lack of inclusion in our society and the consequences have undoubtedly affected the mental, emotional and physical health of women throughout HIStory.

Times have changed drastically and our access to information is now wide and spread. With this new accessibility, we are able to spread our messages, and deepen our education more than ever before.

I believe that it is our duty, as child bearers, to utilize the advantages of our modern world to spread the much needed education that is our birthright.

Now, our journey as womb carriers and womb healers, begins with the reclamation of our menstrual cycle: physically, emotionally and spiritually. Feminism has had many forms throughout the decades, but we have not yet been ferocious enough to demystify menstruation in order to be respected, understood and included in our society.

This is OUR work, as womb carriers and cyclical beings. No one else can do this work for us.

Reconnecting to my menstrual cycle has been one of the most revelatory journeys I could have taken to heal myself and better understand my own cyclical nature… and it still continues to amaze me with every month that passes!

What our menstrual cycle really is?

  • It’s a deep and profound message that we are completely part of the cyclical way of nature itself.

  • It’s Master intelligence from our body to guide us through a monthly journey of aliveness and rejuvenation

  • It is a sacred spiral of life and death happening within us over and over again

When we speak of the menstrual cycle we often mainly think of menstruation, of the bleeding time, and the pain that comes within it - or right before it.

But let’s remember, sisters, that Menstruation, our blood shedding time, is only a fraction of the whole mandala that makes our monthly period happen. We cannot forget this!

Our menstruation is made of four distinct phases, and each phase has its own physical manifestation, energetic charge and emotional and spiritual opportunities.

As women, deepening our understanding of our menstrual phases can bring us to such a profound transformation that it can truly become a spiritual practice.

In ancient traditions, tribes used to honor their sacred monthly cycle as they were completely aware that it is directly connected to child bearing. They saw the womb for its true essence, as in being the source of all life. Women used to gather and pass on the wisdom of the womb from generation to generation, share stories with one another and bleed together in sacred space - this is what the Red Tent offered. In traditional cultures, not only women but the rest of the tribe would seek guidance of menstruating women as they knew they held a deep connection to the earth and powerful intuition.

So even if we have come far from our connection to our womb, even if modern society has shamed, neglected and oppressed the sacred wisdom of our bodies as women: I am here to tell you that this wisdom is NOT lost - It is within you, and me, and every woman on the planet.

It speaks to all of us with every month that passes, and it is not going to stop - ever. This wisdom is procreating our humanity as we know it, this wisdom is allowing us to carry life and birth our children. This wisdom is the most powerful creative force in the universe and, not only we carry it inside our womb, but we dance with it, month after month, circle after circle, creating the most beautiful mandala of life and death.

Sister, I invite you to be part of the revolution - and reconnecting to your sacred monthly cycle is the best first step you can take.

This path is the path of the wise woman, the medicine woman, the witch, the mother, the healer. This path is what’s going to bring you back home, and realign you with your true feminine essence.

Starting the path of menstrual reclamation is a deep, transformative journey that will:

  • Give you insight on your energy patterns

  • Extract your full creative potential

  • Heal the relationship with your womb

  • Teach you how to embrace your cyclicality and how to coordinate your life accordingly

  • Connect you to the deepest source of our power

  • Teach you womb-awareness and know your fertility

  • Support health and wellbeing of your womb and of your overall being!

When I started tracking my cycle through the fertility awareness method I was so amazed and intrigued to get to know my body in such an intimate way. It really becomes a love story.

Tracking the phases of your cycle has many layers to it and you can choose to go as deep as you want or need to. As mentioned before, each phase is a portal and it brings with it physiological changes, hormonal shifts, energy shifts, emotional waves and much more.

My suggestion: start simple.

This is why I created a beautiful chart that will help you get this journey started.

The Lunar Chart is a free gift from me to you and it comes with a little guide that will introduce you to the four phases (or seasons) of the menstrual cycle and teach you how to work with it.

I am so excited for you to start this journey and for us to live through such a powerful time in our history.

Thank you for being here.

With love and devotion,





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