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the womb and the gut

Hey sister, in this post I will give you an intro to the most common root causes linked to hormonal imbalances and most women’s illness and disease. I will then bring the focus on the connection between gut and womb health. You’ll learn how important it is to keep a healthy gut for the wellbeing of your womb as well as a few botanical supplements to support a balanced gut.



Let’s be real, we know that our lifestyle choices can play a huge factor in our health, and yes - that includes our womb health as well.

In fact, studies have identified that most illness and disease (about 85%) are caused by aspects of lifestyle that, in many cases, are modifiable by the individual if resources (information, access to healthier choices, socio-economic status permit) and willpower are available.

These root causes are:

  1. Chronic Stress

  2. Gut health imbalances

  3. Nutritional depletion

  4. Environmental toxins exposure

  5. Immune System inflammation

There is a lot to explore in each of these root aspects of our lives, but today we’ll focus on the Gut health imbalances.


Gut health plays a huge part in a woman’s overall health, and it is deeply connected to the health of her reproductive system and the health of her monthly cycle.

Of course, a lot happens in our gut and it is central to our overall health as it influences our immune system, moods, nutrient absorption, and detoxification. What I am sharing with you in this post is a specific function associated with your hormonal health - so, let's get a little nerdy with it.

One of the most important processes to be aware of when we look at the connection between the womb and the gut is the movement of estrogen.

We both produce estrogen and pick up estrogen from our external environment.

The estrogen we pick up through foods and anything we ingest goes through a detoxification process in the liver. Once it’s been broken down it heads to the intestine for excretion, which depends on healthy gut flora.

It’s when the microbiome in the gut fails to eliminate excess estrogen that a process of reabsorption occurs. What happens in this case, is that the excess estrogen goes back into the liver and it is now going to be recirculating through your circulatory system in a more toxic form.

This is why it is so important to address the gut when a woman is faced with hormonal, metabolic, weight, or inflammatory challenges including Period pain, PMS, PCOS, UTI, and Endometriosis.

Additionally, there is a big connection between the gut flora, the vaginal flora, and the urinary tract. The gut flora also plays a huge role in conception, fertility, and pregnancy.

The one thing to always keep in mind is that everything is connected - if one system in our body is disrupted, the others will be affected.

Our society is only just starting to recognize the importance of our diet, but we have a lot to go before we will be able to see healthier foods in our conventional system.

For now, we got to do our own research and find our own resources to give our body a healthy gut to prevent many dis-eases that we would otherwise face if we’d be following the ques of the toxic lifestyle presented to us by our fast-paced, modern society.

Your gut is in your hands; and so is your womb.


Obviously, it all goes down to a healthy diet. Yet, there are other factors that affect our gut health, which include our environmental exposures and our emotional state but it not what I am addressing specifically in this article.

When we think and choose our food, it is so important to eat clean, organic, non-GMO, hormone-free foods, that they cannot be stressed enough.

Our body is so intelligent and it wants us to thrive!

When the microbiome in our gut is healthy and works well, our body is able to perform its natural process of detoxification. This includes getting rid of excess hormones as well as environmental toxins and prescription drugs from our circulation.

There are also some amazing helpers that can support healthy gut flora as well as detoxification.


To support a healthy microbiome in your gut, make sure you incorporate into your diet:

  • High-quality fats (olive oil, ghee, and avocado are great!)

  • Emphasize fiber

  • Ensure up to 8 servings of fruits and veggie a day

  • A daily dose of lacto-fermented foods (yogurt, sauerkraut, kimchi, miso etc)

These herbs and spices are great medicine to help the process of detoxification in the liver:

  • Green Tea

  • Turmeric

  • Garlic and onions

Stay tuned for a delicious gut-healing infusion recipe coming your way in a couple of days!

I hope this helps you deepen your understanding of why it is so important to keep a healthy gut for a healthy womb, and I look forward to hearing your process! Get in touch with any questions and share this with your sisters who are looking for healthy ways to live a womb-centered life.

With love and devotion,





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