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womb love

Learn how to attune to your


In this program I will teach you everything you need to know about your Hormonal cycle, how to track your health through your body's vital signs, how to identify your fertile window and each phase of the cycle. 


As a certified FEMM Educator, I will teach you the FEMM approach to fertility awareness, and how to read the vital signs of your unique Cycle. 


This program will give you the empowerment of body literacy AND the confidence of Natural Birth control.

I believe that cycle awareness is the basis of being in touch with your Womb, and a grounded entry point into the magnificent and powerful realm of a Womb centred Life. 

We will work closely together 


This program also includes a full Intro session into the Energetics of your Cycle. 


  • Become confident in tracking your unique cycle

  • Learn to identify signs of hormonal imbalance

  • Be empowered with in-depth knowledge about your body

  • Gain the ability to use this method as a Natural Birth Control

  • Transform the relationship to your Cycle

  • Expand your awareness on how to live a more cyclically balanced life


The Reproductive System

In our first session we will go straight to the basics of Anatomy, the main Hormones of our Reproductive cycle and the structure Cervical Mucus.

You will be able to start tracking your cycle right after our first session and begin your journey in reading and understanding your vaginal secretions. 

Tracking with FEMM
Part II

Now that you have gained a deep understanding of your cycle and you have started to track your cycle, in our third session we will cover everything you need to know in order to use FEMM as a Birth control method and family planning. 

Tracking with FEMM
Part I

Session 2 is where we dive deep into the FEMM method of cycle tracking. I will teach you how to create your chart, how to chart your signs, how to recognize each phase of the cycle and what you need to look out for in your cycle health. 

Cycle Enegetics

In this session we will explore how your cycle and Womb space effect your energy level, your vibration, emotions and how to approach life with a heightened awareness of our cyclical nature, and our womb power.


If you feel a deep calling to work with Womb Energetics and deep Yoni healing, then I recommend AWAKENED Program. This program includes everything from Womb Love, and enters the realm of Sexual Healing, Yoni activation and embodiment practices.  


Grainy Surface

Womb Love


  • 4 Private Online Educational Sessions 

  • Complete, in-depth Cycle Awareness & FEMM education covering Anatomy, Hormonal Function and how to read your body's vital signs

  • One full session on the Energetics of your unique cycle, covering the Inner Seasons and how to best align your lifestyle to your Flow

  • Full-time text and voice support throughout the full length of the program

  • Beautiful PDFs Material, yours forever

  • Bonus education such as herbal & diet guidance to balance your hormones

Duration: 4 sessions of 90mins each, once a month for 4 months. By-weekly check-ins and full text support through the whole time we are working together. 

Payment Plans available on Request. 

In our 15min call together you can ask me any questions you have in regards of this program, and get confident that this program is for you. I look forward to connecting! 


Sensually Embodied
Open to Love
Sexually Awakened



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